Aerial escapade

Live a unique and thrilling experience and enjoy a privileged view of this magical city.

This unforgettable aerial escapade will leave you breathless and will also give you the chance to see with your own eyes the bizarre shape of Venice major islands, which resemble a fish! You will discover the geography, the beauty and the most hidden parts of the Venetian lagoon, from Lido Island to the north lagoon, and St Mark’s Basin. Board your private watertaxi from your hotel and reach the close private flight airport pier.  Here you will meet your pilot and start the aerial tour.

We can also offer customized helicopter experiences on request, from direct transfers to other Italian cities, to gourmet tastings in the Veneto region enriched by breathtaking landscapes that vary from Venice lagoon to Unesco Prosecco Hills, Garda Lake or the Dolomites. Return to your hotel by private watertaxi at the end of the experience.

Duration:Approx. 1 hr – 10 / 20 /30 mnts helicopter ride