Gondola: rowing through tradition

The “Gondola”is for sure the symbol of Venice. Its elegant and silent flowing through the canals is one of the main attractions of the city.

Used in the past centuries as the main mean of transportation, nowadays the gondola gives tourists the chance to enjoy breathtaking views of this marvelous city from its best perspective: the water.

Meet our tour escort and start the tour with the visit of one of the ancient Gondola shipyard, «The Squero».Here you will meet the owners, a Venetian Family, who will tell you the secrets of this millennial art.

After this visit, it is time to enjoy a private gondola ride on on the Grand Canal and the inner canals of Venice.

At the end of this unforgettable experience a short pleasant stroll will lead you to the last stop of our tour:a Fórcola laboratory.The Forcola it is the rowlock or oarpost used in traditional Venetian boats, here you will have the chance to buy and bring home a piece of Venetian Tradition!

Duration:Approx. 2 hrs