Venetian fashion journey

Let us take you back in the Venetian 17th century with this guided itinerary through precious costumes and ancient fragrances visiting a true jewel of the Venetian Aristocracy: Palazzo Mocenigo.

This historical palace is now home to the Study Centre of the History of Textiles, Costumes and Perfume. The exhibition itinerary is divided in twenty rooms along on the first piano nobile where a vast collections of ancient fabrics and clothes is housed. Each room illustrates the different aspects of the life and activities of the Venetian Aristocracy between the 17th and 18th century, with life-size mannequins wearing valuable ancient garments and accessories belonging to the Study Centre connected to the Museum. The attention to details, the quality of the materials and the amazing beauty of the fabrics and their embroideries and laces are still witness to the extraordinary expertise of craftsmen and the refined, luxurious elegance for which the Venetians were famous. A less known aspect of Venice fashion tradition has inspired the new section of the Museum: the perfume. A sensory experience along five rooms of the exhibition describes the role of Venice in the perfume history with the re-creation of lab of a perfumer of the 16th century, most used raw materials, descriptions of processes and techniques and an olfactory map of the“Streets of Spices”crossed by the ancient Venetians. This section also hosts an extraordinary collection of perfume bottles covering several pieces from different periods,materials, origins and types.

To conclude this elegant experience your guide will take you to “Sartoria dei Dogi”, a small family run boutique where the elegance of precious fabrics and embroideries continues to shine.

Duration: Approx. 2 hrs