Venetian ghetto: the first one in the world

Venice Jewish Ghetto is the world’s oldest Ghetto dates back to the 16th century, now as then, it remains an integral and important component of the city.

This tour will focus on the Jewish Museum and on the five Synagogues which are said to be the most beautiful synagogues in Europe thanks to the richly decorated interior spaces. They still are the gathering places of a whole active community.

Our journey, guided by a local Guide will start at the “Campo del Ghetto”, the main square of the district, characterized from the highest palaces in Venice (you will discover why!) after an introduction enriched by curiosities and anecdotes of the Jewish world, we will continue visiting three different Synagogues.

When you visit the ghetto you will not be able to recognize the synagogues from the exterior since they are hidden inside traditional venetian buildings, but when you will be inside you will see true jewels of Jewish religion.

The tour will end with a guided visit of the Jewish Museum, a little but very rich museum which hosts precious objects and important examples of goldsmith and textile manufacture made between the 16th and the 19th centuries.

Duration:Approx. 1,5 hours